Some 70 years following the Scourge, a small Kaer located in the Thunder Mountains emerged from hiding to find itself under assault by a powerful horror who had gleefully awaited the arrival of fresh victims. Devotees of the adepts disciplines rallied to defend the Kaer, sacrificing their lives to defeat the monstrosity.

For 20 years the newly emerged citizens of Barsaive eeked out an existence at the foot of the mountain, hoping one day to discover other survivors of the terrible scourge. Alas there was to be no fairy tale ending for Kaer Nerrok, as the horrors worked their insidious corruption within the minds and souls of the Kaer’s greatest hero.

One fateful night the horrors plans were brought to fruition and the village of Nerrok became no more, its citizens tortured and slain by creatures out of nightmare. Only a handful survived, initiates of the adepts traditions left to make sense of the devastation and try and find their place in Barsaive.

The Emergence of Kaer Nerrok

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