The Emergence of Kaer Nerrok

Adventure Notes 7/2/11

Entering the vast City of Travar having bypassed an 8th Legion Slave Camp, the last citizens of Kaer Nerrok find themselves in a City clearly dominated by the wealth of its innumerable merchants.

Throughout the City our brave adventurers saw evidence of a mix of cultures and races including disturbing indications of a Theran presence within the City walls. Suddenly, Celedor was dropped to his knees by an unbearable stomach pain which even the taunts of a clearly amused Rawrg could not cure.

Meanwhile, T’lin’s keen eyes had noticed an extremely well dressed fop with an immaculately manicured moustache subtly encouraging her to follow him. Ably escorted by N’wad, T’lin followed the man into a darkened alleyway, where he demonstrated a disturbing knowledge of the parties exploits, identity and purpose. He encouraged them to meet him at the Gilded Lilly, a tavern in the City’s diplomatic quarter, when they were less “indisposed” by a wizard with a weak constitution.

Our brave adventurers then made haste to a healer, and were encouraged to purchase an emetic, sure to cure Celedor of his troubling stomach. Making an unexpected faux pas, the team was then bundled unceremoniously out of the shop being called “protectorate scum!”.

Lacking direction the group then decided to avail themselves of the Gilded Lilly, which upon entry was clearly a Throalic bar, being occupied by four dwarfs in Throalic garb and being greeted with a raucous cheer of “Throal!”.

Imbibing far too many tankards of fine Throalic Ale, N’wad began to unravel the situation in Travar, learning that the local Theran presence, concentrated at Triumph had commenced a blockade of airship travel between Throal and Travar. Coupled with the increase in slaving raids in the region, travel between Throal and Travar has been all but cut off. Thera was working hard to increase its influence in Travar in the interim, and Throalites were becoming divided between the “weak willed” who were capitulating to the will of the City’s Magistrates, and the “protectorates”, who yearned for Travar to embrace Throalic protection and become a Throalic protectorate as they almost did several years ago.

In the meantime, Celedor had rushed to secure a room for the night and take his medicine. Ignoring the advice of the healer to take 1/4 of the potion and imbibing the entire contents of the vial, it was no more than a few seconds before the facilities called…

Some minutes later, T’lin went upstairs to investigate a loud thumping sound coming from Celedor’s room, to discover a scene of nightmare. Even ignoring the “inadequacy” of the facilities to accommodate Celedor’s infirmity, the scene was still one of utter horror, with large maggot like creatures crawling the floor and clearly trying to reenter Celedor’s body through any available orifice. T’lin then demonstrated truly heroic courage to destroy the creatures and help Celedor clean up, before her senses were overwhelmed by the smell.

Meanwhile, Rawrg and Arryana were drinking at a prodigious rate while N’wad was joined by the manicured man they had met previously. Introducing himself as Lormando, he informed N’wad that he was the local representative of the Eye of Throal, Throal’s secret intelligence agency.

Assembling those members of the group who were still able bodied, Lormando explained that the group had stumbled into a delicate situation. Throal’s agents in the City were being eliminated by an aggressive Theran presence and Thera was working on the City’s magistrate’s to relax their control on the airways and allow Theran airships to enter Travar airspace. Lormando had raised a small cadre of dedicated protectorate supporters to oppose Thera’s machinations but his agents were few and far between.

Lormando then offered our brave adventurers a choice. Serve him in overthrowing the Theran presence in Travar or leave the City. In return for service Lormando would offer a royal commendation and passage back to Throal once the blockade was lifted.

Introducing the group to his base of operations in the basement of the Lilly, Lormando then presented the group with a Protectorate coin which would grant them entrance into his base as well as identify them as servants of the Eye of Throal.

Prison Break

The group spends some time recovering from their ordeals and preparing for the trials ahead, as Lormando inducts T’lin into the 2nd circle of the Scout’s discipline. T’lin makes a mockery of Lormando’s other agents, gleefully identiying their clumsy efforts at following her throughout the City.

Meanwhile, Celedor spends the week gleefully spending party coin on research, vainly trying to increase his knowledge of the wizard’s discipline.

T’lin was jolted back to reality by the shuddering of her Protectorate coin, and upon summoning the party, Lormando informed them that they had a unique opportunity. Theran agents had convinced the Magistrate’s watch to arrest some of his most prized agents, and they were currently being held in a nearby watch tower, but they were due to be transferred to the highly secure Magistrate’s dungeons on the morrow.



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