The Emergence of Kaer Nerrok

Return to Salvation

Following a perilous journey into the Servos jungle in which the remnants of Nerrok encountered the primitive human tribe of the Cathan, swore a blood promise to the Jungle T’skrang, had their first encounter with the mighty Theran Empire and discovered the Fabled Grey-top Ashala mushroom, the brave adventurers emerged to discover the Salvation leaning on a perilous angle, bare metres from the ground, supported by the flagging magic of T’char Rotford.

Racing to create a cure, the party scrabbled to provide the cure to the 30 or so of the 150+ crew who they found lying on blankets below the Salvation. In their haste they failed to realise that the crew was lost in despair as they had been moved from the airship by Bartrok Mansbane and his crew aboard Man-hunter, a mighty sky-raider drakkar.

Bravely racing to defend the crew and retake the Salvation, N’wad was minorly injured falling from the ship’s ladder, followed by the jeers of Bartrok and his crew.

With Man-hunter approaching from its hiding place in the jungle and the Salvation controlled by Farsight’s long-time nemesis, things look grim for our brave adventurers. For the miraculous powers of the Grey-top Ashala are no aid against the might of the Sky Raider.



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