Captain Arryana Farsight

Human Captain of the Salvation, a Throalic Galley.


9th Circle Air Sailor


Enamored with the pirates of the Serpent River since she was a little girl, Captain Farsight strikes an impressive figure, her appearance carefully cultivated to give the impression of the swashbuckling tradition that is the focus of many a troubadours ballad. Her flaming red hair and the four vivid purple scars that run down her face like claw marks are the first things people notice about her.

Typically adorned in her favourite bright orange surcoat Farsight can usually be found at the helm of the Salvation, a Throalic Galley commissioned by King Neden of Throal as an exploratory ship, charged with charting the length and breadth of Barsaive, as well as informing Namegivers of the glorious civilisation of the Throal and the Council Compact.

Recently, Farsight’s life has been tainted by tragedy with the loss of her first mate, the troll Air Sailor Nebrok, on a doomed expedition to Kaer Nerrok. Nebrok and Farsight had sailed together for over 20 years since the Salvation was first commission, and the loss of her blood sworn first mate has left her prone to bouts of melancholy, interspersed with periods of fierce agitation as she desperately seeks a way to reenter Kaer Nerrok and gain vengeance on the beast that took her best friends life.

Captain Arryana Farsight

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