Celedor 'Scarface' of Nerrok

An Elven wizard of the Kaer Nerrok


Celedor always knew that he was one step ahead of his peers, which is why he studied under Malachor to become a wizard. With his keen intellect and voracious appetite for learning, Celedor is an exemplary example of a wizard. His arcane powers have saved the party time and time again.

…ok, so maybe Celedor is a little haughty and arrogant, a tiny bit self-obsessed and opinionated. Not as much as N’Wad, though.

He’s sure that, in time, the party will come to recognise his full abilities and treat him as the superiorly enlightened being that he is.

Celedor tragically died whilst fighting off hordes of acid crocodiles, and totally didn’t die butt-naked, face down in a pool of acid.

1st Circle Elven Wizard / 1st Circle Elven Zombie

Celedor 'Scarface' of Nerrok

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