2nd Mate aboard the Salvation


Rawrg is largish for a troll, and his impressive frame is further enhanced by a variety of clan tattoos that cover his greenish-blue skin. A shock of purple hair reaches down to his belt line.

Rawrg is prone to over-indulgence in ale but tolerates no consumption by his crew members during active duty. He retains a strong highland accent despite his many years aboard a Throalic airship.

5th Circle Sky Raider


Rawrg has temporarily taken over Nebrok’s position as 1st mate aboard the salvation, following the death of his superior. Fiercely loyal to Captain Farsight, Rawrg was rescued by the Captain from a Crystal Raider drakkar which held him as prisoner, the spoils of a raid on his clan.

Rawrg was a constant companion to Nebrok who he saw as a noble example of those highland trolls who had overcome their clannish nature to embrace loftier goals.


The Emergence of Kaer Nerrok Bechtold