T'char Rotford

Elementalist and Throalic ambassador aboard the Salvation


T’char is a smallish dwarf, with a fondness for elaborately hand-embroidered robes. Possessed of immense self-confidence he is King Neden’s representative aboard the Salvation, as well as renowned teacher of Elementalism. His black curly hair almost always shows evidence of being singed, drenched, wind-swept or dirt-encrusted due to his constant communion with elemental spirits.


T’char is a high ranking member of His Majesty’s Royal Expeditionary Force and also retains connections to the Navy of Throal, due to his expertise in long range battle spells. T’char has a long history of daring adventure, and in his younger years was instrumental in the defeat of a number of terrible horrors. He has inflicted immense casualties on the Theran Navy during skirmishes with slavers and his name is spoken with a curse by many Theran commanders.

As he has aged, T’char has withdrawn from active service in the Navy, preferring the company of Farsight’s somewhat unorthodox crew. A devote loyalist, T’char is an outspoken supporter of King Neben, particularly his strong stance against the Theran Empire.

T'char Rotford

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