T'lin of Nerrok

T'Skrang Scout


T’lin used to have trouble remembering a time when she wasn’t alone. Now, though, she simply refuses to remember. When her family was annihilated by the Horror who cut swathes through the population of Kaer Nerrok on the day the doors were unsealed, she found herself without any of the links which had bound her to the community.

T’lin’s dedication, single-mindedness and perseverance brought her to the attention of the Jin’dee, the Paragon of the Scouts, who enabled her to hone her skills through careful training and the pursuit of the scout’s path. T’lin excelled, but has been unable to break from the mould of drive and intensity that characterised her youth.

Thrown, by the disaster of the destruction of the recently-emerged Kaer, into the company of N’Wad H’trae, Celedor and Mary, T’lin found her tolerance challenged by the lack of discipline shown by her new comrades. Despite her better judgement, she finds herself drawn to N’wad despite his time-wasting braggart nature, to Celedor despite his inane mystic chanting and to Mary despite her erratic flightiness. T’lin is slowly coming to recognise the bonds forged by shared experience between the very different and complex individuals of her small party. She may yet come to value them if she can bring herself to appreciate the journey as much as she does the destination.

Circle 2 Scout

T'lin of Nerrok

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