J'lar Terran "Brazen Wind"

Legendary broadsword passed down by the Paragon's of Swordmastery

weapon (melee)

A T’skrang broadsword of pre-scourge design. The weapon is characterised by a “flowing” style to its hilt, reminiscent of a a rush of air twirling around the base of the blade.

Key Knowledge 1: What is the name of the sword?


Previously owned by N’rak, the T’skrang swordsmaster of Kaer Nerrok. Found by N’wad on N’rak‘s body following a skirmish with gnashers. Recongisable immediately as a T’skrang weapon by the flowing styling on the guard. This weapons construction has been dated to pre-scourge.

B’ril T’shar, T’skrang swordsmaster identified the name of the blade on N’wad’s request. He has taken the blade into his care, telling N’wad to come for his “heartblade” when he is ready.

J'lar Terran "Brazen Wind"

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