Tag: Theran


  • 8th Legion Slave Camp

    This small slave camp is located a few hours walk from [[Travar | Travar]] near a recently attacked farmstead. The camp consists of some 20 single person tents, a large mess tent, a commander's tent and a pen which presumably contains slaves. During …

  • Lormando

    Lormando operated a ring a Theran spys within the City of [[Travar | Travar]]. Working from his base of operations in the [[Gilded Lilly | Gilded Lilly]], he posed as a member of the Eye of Throal, working to advance the protectorate movement in the City …

  • Schiara

    Schiara was an agent of Thera in the employ of [[:riccardo | Riccardo]]. He was killed by Orcish mercenaries in the streets of [[Travar | Travar]] during the assassination of [[:t-char | T'char Rotford]].