Tag: Travar


  • ANGM 7211

    Entering the vast City of [[Travar | Travar]] having bypassed an [[8th Legion Slave Camp | 8th Legion Slave Camp]], the last citizens of [[Kaer Nerrok | Kaer Nerrok]] find themselves in a City clearly dominated by the wealth of its innumerable merchants. …

  • Gilded Lilly

    The Gilded Lilly is a tavern located in the Diplomatic ward of the City of [[Travar | Travar]].

  • Schiara

    Schiara was an agent of Thera in the employ of [[:riccardo | Riccardo]]. He was killed by Orcish mercenaries in the streets of [[Travar | Travar]] during the assassination of [[:t-char | T'char Rotford]].

  • Riccardo

    Riccardo is a Theran spy in the employ of [[:lormando | Lormando ]]. His illusions were pivotal in the assassination of [[:t-char | T'char Rotford]].