Kaer Nerrok

Kaer Nerrok is a minor Kaer located in the Thunder Mountains. A multi-racial kaer with representatives of every Namegiver race (except Dragons!) the kaer was created by residents of local villages who banded together with the assistance of Theran representatives and the Rituals of Passage and Protection to create a kaer within natural cave formations in the mountains base.

Due to the immense tribute required to Thera to access the rituals the kaer residents have been relatively poor ever since sealing themselves inside the kaer some 490 years ago.

The adepts path was relatively rarely followed in this kaer, eventually dwindling into a system whereby each of the major disciplines (with the exception of Sky Raiding) was preserved by a single master or “Paragon” who would typically take on only a single disciple to continue the tradition.

The official musical instrument of Kaer Nerrok was the banjo.

Kaer Nerrok

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